Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stanley Cup Playoffs - My Predictions

Buffalo Sabres win the Stanley Cup Playoffs over the Nashville Predators in 6 games.

So today I am going to take a look at the Stanley Cup Playoffs and lay out my predictions for the outcome of every round and who will win the cup this year. Let's see how far off I can be.

Tomorrow I will review Round 1 of the playoff's and pick who I see as the top performers at each position in relation to their first round opponents. I will do the same thing as each round ends until the finals.

Western Conference Matchups

Round 1: one upset with Forsberg and the Predators ousting the Sharks in 7 games.
Detroit Red Wings vs Calgary Flames - Detroit in 6 games, Hasek outduels Kiprusoff
Anaheim Mighty Ducks vs Minnestota Wild - Ducks in 7 games, front lines from Anaheim wear down Backstrom
Vancouver Canucks vs Dallas Stars - Vancouver in 6, Luongo is just too good
Nashville Predators vs San Jose Sharks - Nashville in 7, Vokoun and Mason combine to pull this one out

Round 2: the Predators remind the Red Wings why they haven't smelled success in a few years in the playoffs.
Detroit Red Wings vs Nashville Predators - Nashville in 7, Detroit runs out of gas in round 2
Anaheim Might Ducks vs Vancouver Canucks - Ducks take it in 7, Luongo is good but Vancouver just doesn't have the firepower up front

Round 3: Predators move on to the final as the Ducks run out of gas.
Anaheim Mighty Ducks vs Nashville Predators - Preds in 6, the Ducks run out of gas after two 7 game series and Forsberg makes good on the Preds investment

Eastern Conference Matchups

Round 1: the Rangers upset the Thrashers, New York has the experience.
Buffalo Sabres vs New York Islanders - Sabres in 5, Dubie gets smoked in the playoffs
New Jersey Devils vs Tampa Bay Lightning - Devils in 6, don't bet against Brodeur
Atlanta Thrashers vs New York Rangers - Rangers in 7, IF Lundqvist stays hot and Jagr shows up
Ottawa Senators vs Pittsburgh Penguins - Sens in 7, tough battle but Emery trumps Fleury, barely

Round 2: Senators wash out against Brodeur
Buffalo Sabres vs New York Rangers - Sabres in 5, I'm bullish on the Sabres this year.
New Jersey Devils vs Ottawa Senators - Devils in 6, Brodeur is too good for Sens top guns

Round 3: Young and fast, the Sabres are too much for Brodeur and the Devils
Buffalo Sabres vs New Jersey Devils - Sabres in 6, sorry Brodeur, now is the time to bet against you

Stanley Cup Final

I can't see the old and fragile Predators (Kariya, Forsberg) being able to keep up with the youth and talent that Buffalo brings to the table this year. Thomas Vanek is the MVP of the playoffs for Buffalo.

Buffalo Sabres vs Nashville Predators - Sabres in 6, Forsberg runs out of gas and Kariya is no where to be seen in the final


Anonymous said...

Nashville has to prove they can beat the wings before any prediction of them winning anything by going through the wings has any merit.

You'd have a better arguement with the flames upsetting the wings then Nashville beating the wings. Nashville pretty much fell behind in the later part of the season getting outplayed in every game with meaning. That's not a team I'd want to put money on for winning it all.

bLiNdLuCk said...

Fair enough, you have a point.

But who do you pick coming out of the Western Conference then?

The Detroit "Our Goalie has bad Hamster Strings" Red Wings?

If the Preds can get past the Sharks I see them winning the West, if not I would probably pick the Ducks.

hockey dude said...

I can see Nashville getting out of the division only if Steve Sullivan is back and healthy. If not, yeh, Anaheim's not a bad bet.

Anonymous said...

the Senators are going to the finals this year.