Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sports Blogs go to War with ESPN Radio Host

In case you missed it an ESPN radio host named Colin Cowherd (is that really his name or a description of his dating preferences?) may have made a wee mistake in the past week.

Colin Nerfherder apparently stole a story idea from a wee little sports blog. The Real Wonderlic Test was a comedic spoof written by the guys over at The M Zone that this ESPN Shrutebag (who the hell came up with that nickname?) passed off as his own on his radio show.

Bad enough eh? Nope, it gets worse.

Mr. "I am a respected Sports Broadcaster DAMMIT" Cowherd got upset when he was called on his blatant plagiarism and called for a DDOS attack on The Big Lead.

The Big Lead is a blog that occasionally regulary criticizes ESPN and other traditional Sports reports when they screw up a story and for some reason they took the brunt of Colin "I was in a hurry!" Cowherd's wrath.

The Big Lead was knocked out of service for approximately 48 hours but has come back online (after having to upgrade to a new hosting service). You can read up on their responses to the hot air heifer here:
Do it Again and the Kitten Dies
On Cowherd, Our Site, and the Ombudsman's Swift Response

Deadspin chimes in with a great synopsis of the brouhaha and Kissing Suzy Kolber has an interesting collection of new nicknames (Shrutebag may have originated here) for everyone's favourite bovine-like radio personality.

Perhaps my favorite of the day however is over at Girls Gone Sports where they have decided that the term 'Asshat' is a fitting addition to our everyday sports terminology. (Note to self, do not piss off the ladies at Girls Gone Sports... even if they can't tell ice hockey from field hockey)

Why am I writing about this? What does it have to do with Hockey?

Cuz, and it doesn't. So there.

But damn did it make me laugh today. Hat's off to all the sports bloggers out there who helped stand up to the man. Sorry I caught on to the message a little late but here's my two cents (unfortunately it's in Canadian currency so it's really only worth 1.5 cents US).

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lauren said...

we can tell ice hockey from field hockey thank you very much.