Friday, April 13, 2007

2007 NHL Playoffs Recap and Predictions - Apr 12th

I wrote this post yesterday but had some unexpected technical difficulties trying to get it online. To top it all off my cable box to my big screen crapped out as well and I was unable to watch anything but the end of the Nashville vs San Jose game. At least I was able to get to sleep instead of watching the Vancouver - Dallas marathon.

Each day during the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs I will write a recap of each game from a fantasy perspective and make some predictions for the games to be played that day. Below are the recaps from Day 1 of the quest for the cup, I cut out the predictions for Day 2 since those games have already occured (I picked all 4 winners but was surprised a little by Atlanta's performance).

Day 1:

Ottawa Senators 6 Penguins 3: As expected the Sens roll over top of the Pens and the shaky youth of Pittsburgh shows through. Looking at the back-end I predicted that Redden would be a disappointment and that Preissing would step up, they are even at the moment but look at Joe Corvo with 2 assists. Who new?

San Jose Sharks 5 Nashville Predators 4 in OT: Uh oh, the Sharks lost Jonathan Cheechoo just minutes into the 2nd period, tough loss for the Sharks, even tougher for your playoff fantasy team. Thank god I advised you to stay away from anyone in this series. You did stay away didn't you? Except for Shea Weber who put up 2 assists.

Vancouver Canucks 5 Dallas Stars 4: 4 overtime periods, wow. And of course they had to put up 9 goals between them. Some very spread out scoring here, only the Sedin twins, Naslund and Ohlund managed a multi point effort.

Anaheim Ducks 2 Minnesota Wild 1: Close game, I expected Backstrom to play well and he did, the front lines of Anaheim are just to talented. Selanne gets a goal for the Ducks and Demitra decided to show up for game 1, let's see if he is there for game 2. I do have one question though, where is Marian Gaborik?

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