Friday, May 11, 2007

2007 NHL Playoffs Recap and Video Highlights - May 11th

o'fer last night. Buffalo surprised me last night by not showing up for game 1 of their third round series with Ottawa. Ottawa did exactly what I expected and they got the win because of it. Tonight Detroit hosts Anaheim in the opener of the other semi-final series.

Tonights Game :

Anaheim Ducks (2) at Detroit Red Wings (1) :

The Red Wings are going to miss Mathieu Schneider on defense in this series. Anaheim has demonstrated some flashes of brilliance in the playoffs and is making a strong case why they should be the team to watch in the west. The Wings have home ice advantage and I have to go with them tonight for game 1. While Hasek remains healthy the Wings have a chance to upset my predictions for round 3 and they should start that off with a solid win tonight at home.

Last Nights Game :

Ottawa Senators 5 (1) at Buffalo Sabres 2 (0) : The Senators came out poised and ready and the Sabres were disorganized and lacking in focus last night. It cost them the game. Despite the lackluster effort Buffalo managed to make a game of it until Oleg Saprykin scored at 7:41 into the third to take the lead. The major difference in the game was special teams. Buffalo went 0-5 on the power play and gave up a short handed goal on their first PP to Mike Fisher. The Senators on the other hand went 2-6 on their power play opportunities. That is a 3 goal advantage to the Ottawa Senators, the same as the 3 goal difference in the final score.

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