Tuesday, May 8, 2007

2007 NHL Playoffs Recap and Video Highlights - May 8th

0-1 last night, another ofer. The good news is that I knew that Detroit would win this series. What? What do you mean I predicted that San Jose (or Nashville) would go to the Finals this season? Are you sure? Dammit, you people aren't supposed to remember the things I say. Ah well, Anaheim will beat Detroit and face Buffalo in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Last Nights Game :

Detroit Red Wings 2 (4) at San Jose Sharks 0 (2) : I really expected more from the Sharks in this postseason. I was certain that they would make it past Detroit into the third round, right up until game 4 of round two. Detroit got a strong performance from Dominik Hasek last night and Chris Chelios and Nikals Lidstrom proved why they (not Niedermayer and Pronger) should be considered the best defensive 1-2 punch in the NHL. Mikael Samuelsson scored twice in the first period and the Red Wings shut down the Sharks in the remaining two periods to close this series out in the Shark Tank. Round three of this years playoffs will let us see the two most impressive defensive cores in the NHL go head to head.

From the NHL Highlight Machine

Detroit Red Wings 2 (4) at San Jose Sharks 0 (2) :

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