Saturday, April 21, 2007

2007 NHL Playoffs Recap and Predictions - Apr 21st

2/3 last night. Can you take a guess which team let me down? The Islanders and the Predators are going home. Nashville simply got outworked by San Jose but the Islanders had a bigger problem, they simply didn't show up. Later tonight, Dallas gets sent home... at home.

Tonight's Games:

Calgary Flames (2) at Detroit Red Wings (2) : The Calgary Flames need to find a way to play their away games like they are home games. This series has seen the home team win each game and tonight will not be any different. Detroit will step up at home and take the lead in the series. This one is going to 7.

Vancouver Canucks (3) at Dallas Stars (2) : This series is a mirror flop of the Flames-Wings series. Dallas cannot win at home but has managed to steal two in Vancouver. Unfortunately for the Stars they are up for elimination again tonight, but this time at home. Wave goodbye Dallas, you need more than 1 point from your top 2 scorers, Mike Modano and Jere Lehtinen, to get through round 1 of the playoffs.

Recaps Day 11:

New York Islanders 3 (1) at Buffalo Sabres 4 (4) : Congratulations on making the playoffs New York, it's too bad that you didn't show up for them. The New York Islanders just haven't gotten the production they needed from their #1 players to get through the Sabres. Not that they would have been able to get through them even if those guys had shown up. Buffalo got what they needed from all lines in this series and will now take a rest while their second round opponent is decided. It doesn't help that prior to the game Islanders defenseman Sean Hill was hit with a 20 game suspension by the NHL for violating the drug policy. Nice way to end the season.

Tampa Bay Lightning 0 (2) at New Jersey Devils 3 (3) : Martin Brodeur finally remembered why he is perhaps the best NHL goalie of all time and he simply decided that it was time for the Devils to remind everyone why they need to be feared in the post season. Brodeur got his first shutout of the 2007 NHL Playoffs to give the Devils a 3-2 series lead. If this means that Brodeur is back, goodbye Lightning.

San Jose Sharks 3 (4) at Nashville Predators 2 (1) : For the second year in a row the Nashville Predators are ousted from the playoffs in 5 games by the San Jose Sharks. Nashville managed to stake themselves to a 1 goal lead early in the second period but couldn't manage to stay out of the penalty box giving the Sharks 5 tries in the second period alone. This is truly bad news for the Predators and could spell the end of the franchise in Nashville, we'll have to wait and see as they wait to tee off.

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