Sunday, April 15, 2007

2007 NHL Playoffs Recap and Predictions - Apr 15th

Once again my predictive powers are over powered by reality. Rick DiPietro returns for the Islanders and that carries them over top of the Sabres and the Thrashers start backup Johan Hedberg and get a win to even up that series.

Tonights Games:

Calgary Flames (0) at Detroit Red Wings (1) : 1:00 PM EST
I expect the Flames and Jarome Iginla to step up tonight and at the very least make it close. Look for a Flames win. Preview

Ottawa Senators (1) at Pittsburgh Penguins (1) : 6:00 PM EST
The Senators have to be upset about last night, expect them to come out fired up and thake game 3 of this series. Look for Heatley and Spezza to have good games. Preview

Anaheim Ducks (2) at Minnesota Wild (0) : 8:00 PM EST
Minnesota has got to be upset about the way their power play has performed over the first 2 games. A measly 0-10 they have also given up 1 shorthanded goal. Expect the faster ice in Minnesota the spur things along as Minnesota take their first game at home. Preview

Vancouver Canucks (1) at Dallas Stars (1) :9:30 PM EST
When I thought Turco was his usual playoff self this series was easier to predict. Now that Turco has broken through with a shutout it makes things a little dicier. I still think that Luongo will come back strong and that Turco will be merely normal. Vancouver takes it tonight on the road. Preview

Recaps Day 4:

New York Rangers 2 (2) at Atlanta Thrashers 1 (0) : The Thrashers decided to go with backup Johan Hedberg last night in the hopes that he could spark the team to victory. The good news is that Hedberg didn't let in any cheesy goals... well, except for the game winner that bounced off of the glass and into the net on a dump in.

Pittsburgh Penguins 4 (1) at Ottawa Senators 3 (1) : Pittsburgh comes out swinging in game 2 of the series and manages to take one at Ottawa. Crosby performs again and Gary Roberts chips in to help Pittsburgh over the Senators.

Tampa Bay Lightning 3 (1) at New Jersey Devils 2 (1) : Vinny Lecavalier scores the game winner and Johan Homqvist outplays Martin Brodeur to even up the series.

New York Islanders 3 (1) at Buffalo Sabres 2 (1) : The Islanders get Rick DiPietro back and that picks up there game enough to give them a split in Buffalo. Buffalo's vaunted offence barely shows up as their D scores both of Buffalo's goals in game 2.

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