Thursday, March 22, 2007

Orr drops Fedoruk onto his ass in 21 seconds

The New York Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers matchup started off on the wrong foot last night.

Colton Orr went after Todd Fedoruk a mere 21 seconds into the 1st period and very shortly afterwards dropped Fedoruk to the ice with a big overhand right. Watch the fight below:

This is the second time in three nights that two NHL heavyweights have dropped the gloves in an effort to 'send a message' to the other team and the rest of the NHL. The Toronto Maple Leafs Wade Belak went after the New Jersey Devils Cam Janssen on Tuesday night in retaliation for the late hit that Janssen put on Tomas Kaberle in the last meeting between those two teams.

This fight was eerily similar as Orr was going after Fedoruk in order to 'send a message' about the hit that put Brendan Shanahan out for 15 games in the two teams last meeting, even if it was accidental.

Still in the first period Orr challenged Ben Eager minutes after coming out of the penalty box and two went at it by the boards between the two benches. You can watch this fight below:

These retaliatory fights seem to be getting a little bit out of hand. Colton Orr is regularly sitting in the press box for the Rangers and was clearly inserted into the lineup tonight just to take the fight to the Flyers. It would be nice to see some suspensions or fines for this type of thing but I don't plan on holding my breath.

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hockey dude said...

The NHL is becoming more of a joke each day with these acts of violence. How many times have you heard from people like Don Cherry, that nobody gets hurt in a hockey fight? Well just ask Jeff Bukeboom, Nik Kypreos, Kris Newbury, and now Fedoruk. The NHL treats these guys like cattle because most of them are nothing more than minimum wage players. If guys like Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin started dropping the gloves and pounding the hell out of each other, you'd see the league act quickly to prevent any of its stars from becoming permanently injured. If I was an insurance company I sure as hell wouldn't insure NHL players unless the league took fighting out of the game. Why should a player injured in a hockey fight be eligible for insurance? If the geniuses who run the league and the NHLPA had to take care financially of injured players, you'd soon see a stop to this garbage.