Thursday, March 22, 2007

Does Ray Emery wear women's shoes

This is a bit of a strange trip, but trust me and follow along.

For some strange reason I decided to type the words 'puck bunnies' into Google and see what happened. I am at the office today so I wasn't trying to find pornographic pictures of amorous hockey females.

Oh, wait, for those of you who don't know what a puck bunny is...

According to Wikipedia: "A puck bunny is a female ice hockey fan, often one whose interest in the sport is primarily motivated by sexual attraction to the players rather than enjoyment of the game itself."

So, back to my original train of thought.. a naked blonde walks into a bar with a foot long salami under one arm and a poodle under the... wait, wrong conversation.

I type puck bunnies into Google and the first result I get is to an online forum for puck bunnies... no really this actually happened. (Check out

So I get sucked in and start to troll around reading posts from various puck bunnies, puck bunny haters and puck bunny wannabees. Oh, yeah, and the venerable retired puck bunnies (aka gray hares). I must admit that I probably spent close to an hour reading about the exploits and conquests of various puck bunnies. Did you know that Wojtek Wolski is very well hung but has an extremely hairy ass? Neither did I, and I apologize for putting that information into your brain.

Back to the point... I stumbled across a thread about Ray Emery here. The discussion begins around Ray Emery's shoe collection, apparently he has around 500 pairs of shoes, and one pair of women's boots! I became entranced with their discussion about why Emery would have a pair of ladies boots in his closet. Opinions ranged from an ex girlfriend leaving them behind to his penchant for wearing women's shoes.

Just let me say that it was an enjoyable afternoon spent rolling around in the dirt with a bunch of puck bunnies. I hope you enjoy it too.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing !! Is it really true that Ray Emery has around 500 pairs of shoes, and one pair of women's boots! ?? Its not very common to believe.