Friday, February 23, 2007

Ray Emery fights Martin Biron - Update

Ok, first off, let's correct my previous post. It was Andrew Peters that challenged Ray Emery AFTER he had beat the snot out of Martin Biron.

Yep, the snot.

Funny thing is Emery gave a good account of himself with Peters. Not that he landed anything but the image of Emery laughing after Peters lands three straight right hands kind of gives you the chills.

Thanks to for posting the video on YouTube! You can watch it below.

This fight was pretty good, but I don't think it stacks up against "The Greatest Hockey Fight Ever".

These two teams play again on Saturday night so things should be interesting.

To bring this post back to fantasy hockey, the incident that started the fight was a questionable hit by Chris Neil on Chris Drury. Drury was helped off the ice with a nasty looking head wound. No word yet on how long Drury will be out of the lineup, if at all.

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modsuperstar said...

Emery definitely likes to fight. He was in numerous fights in the minors and is an avid boxing fan, hence why he's had George Chuvalo, Marvin Hagler, Jack Johnson and Mike Tyson painted onto his masks. There's more info about his fighting ways here here(