Friday, February 23, 2007

Need PIMs? Buffalo and Ottawa play again Saturday night.

Quick, check your waiver wire for Chris McGratton.

If you are in a fantasy hockey league that rewards penalty minutes you can be pretty sure that the Ottawa Senators will be calling up McGratton for their next game against Buffalo on Saturday night.

I would expect Neil and/or Phillips to go toe to toe with Mair and/or Kaleta.

But the biggie will be McGratton going after Peters with revenge in the top of his mind.

If you need to catch up in the PIM category see if you can grab these guys off the waiver wire right now.


Anonymous said...

Its Brian McGratton not Chris and also he wont be called up he was a healthy scratch, but yes he will be in the line-up on Staurday.

bLiNdLuCk said...

Brian, Chris, called up or put in the lineup. Whatever, so I was in a rush when I posted.

Point is, get him in your lineup.