Monday, February 26, 2007

NHL Trade Deadline Approaching, Floodgates opening?

Tkachuk moved to Atlanta yesterday for 3 draft picks and a roster player. Steep price for a rental player.

Craig Rivet leaves the Canadiens for San Jose for 1 pick and defenseman Josh Georges. So does this mean the Montreal Canadiens have thrown in the towel this season?

In both cases the Fantasy Hockey value of the player is increased by the move. Tkachuk could end up on a line with Kovalchuk or Hossa, either way an increase in points is probably around the corner. In Rivet's case, just moving to a team that scores goals on a regular basis should be a help to his fantasy value.

Montreal and Edmonton are both in the same position at this year's trade deadline, a few points out of a playoff position and trading away free agents. In prior years this was a clear sign that teams were writing off the remainder of the season. In the post-lockout era I'm not exactly sure what it means?

I'll be back later today with a wrap up of last weeks hot players and some sleeper picks.

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