Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Has Ovechkin returned from the land of the dead?

If you happened to take advantage of Alexander Ovechkin's recent scoring slump to acquire the young superstar for your fantasy hockey roster then the gamble has paid off.

Saturday night saw Ovechkin bag an assist and he followed that up with a goal on Sunday night.

Tonight after the close of the second period he has already put up two goals and two assists. I had thought about writing a post earlier today to advise you to put him back in your lineup but with my penchant for cursed predictions, I didn't dare.

Hopefully, he can keep this production up for us all. But one note of caution, his shot totals have not actually risen. This could be a false positive but my fingers are crossed.


Anonymous said...

I have Ovechkin in my draft and I figure he will blow the doors off the rest of this season. With the Caps basically throwing in the towel for the year, Ovechkin has nothing to save it for.

bLiNdLuCk said...

If I had to make a bet Tyler I would agree with you.

No, wait a second, I did make that bet, I recently completed a trade that sent McCabe, Elias and Vanek to net me Ovechkin. All right, I also got Radulov and Zidlicky, but since the league is not a keeper they were immediately dropped.

What do you think, did I pay too much for Ovechkin? Only time will tell.