Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trade winds begin to blow

As I mentioned yesterday, All Star Week is when some serious trade rumours begin to fly around the NHL.

Reports have recently surfaced that the Philadelphia Flyers may be interested in trading Peter Forsberg near the deadline for some decent prospects. Why would they do that you ask?

Forsberg is an unrestricted FA at the end of this season and Philly feels that they can trade him to a contender this year and sign him back in the offseason. The good old rent a player scenario.

Teams that have the cap room and may be interested are the Anaheim Ducks, Nashville Predators, Detroit Red Wings and San Jose Sharks.

Can you picture Forsberg suiting up with Teemu Selanne in Anaheim? Yeah, sure, he is more brittle than frozen toffee, but the few games he actually manages to play would likely make owning him seem worthwhile.

If you own him, start sending out some feelers to the other GMs and let them know you may be willing to offer him up. As these rumours heat up so will his trade value.

If you don't own him, immediately send a trade offer to his owner and hope that they have soured on his lackluster play this year. The combination of his injury risk and the Philly curse he is under this year may make him available for a song. Or maybe an aria.

See the source of these trade rumours here

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