Friday, January 26, 2007

Greatest hockey fight ever?

I stumbled across Goon's world from a guy in Boston (which almost explains his love of the Bruins) who blogs about hockey and some other less interesting things. In this post he put up a YouTube video of one of the more entertaining (and somehow timely considering recent Quebec Remparts news) hockey fights to ever take place. Mike Vernon and Patrick Roy go toe to toe at center ice and manage to provide some serious excitement.

This got me thinking about some of the greatest hockey fights out there... any mention of great hockey fights needs to mention guys like McSorley, Brashear and Domi. But what do I think is the greatest hockey fight ever?

Felix 'The Cat' Potvin vs Ron 'The Lumberjack' Hextall of course.

Hextall races down the ice at the end of a Philly/Toronto game to take on Potvin and gets pussy whipped (this is the feline meaning of the word, not genital) by Potvin.

What makes it great? First of all, it is two goalies throwing down, how often do you see that. Even better, they actually throw AND land a ton of punches.

More importantly, Hextall challenges and goes after Potvin and then gets his butt kicked.

And NO, there is no dispute in this matter. Potvin clearly wins this fight, he lands just as many punches as Hextall does but Ronnie is the one spitting blood.

Any of you out there think you have a better candidate for best hockey fight?

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