Monday, May 14, 2007

2007 NHL Playoffs Recap and Video Highlights - May 14th

1-1 last night. The Ducks were in control of the puck for much of this game but still needed a disputed goal in overtime to win and even up the series before heading home. The Sabres play game 3 tonight in Ottawa and unless they can scratch out a win their season is pretty much done. So much for the vaunted depth of the Sabres.

Tonights Game :

Buffalo Sabres (0) at Ottawa Senators (2) : The Sabres are deep behind the 8 ball tonight. Unless the Sabres win tonight they will be going home, forget the 7 game series that most experts (and me) predicted this could be a very short series. Ottawa is winning all of the important battles and dominating on special teams. Buffalo is 0-12 on the power play and has given up a short handed goal. In losing game 2 at home the Sabres squandered a 2-0 lead for the first time this season, including both regular and playoff games. Watch tonights game closely, if Buffalo doesn't dominate for significant stretches tonight they are going home early. I pick Buffalo to win tonight just because I cannot see them getting swept.

Last Nights Game :

Anaheim Ducks 4 (1) at Detroit Red Wings 3 (1) : It took two reviewed goals and a Niedermayer brother hook up in overtime but the Ducks managed to split the opening games on Detroit's home ice. The Wings were dominated for most of the game by Anaheim but still managed to hang close throughout the game forcing the Ducks to win it in overtime. Domink Hasek was the reason that the Wings were even in this game, he made 29 saves including some vintage Hasek flopping and was dealing with traffic all night long without losing his cool. Game 3 in Anaheim on Tuesday should be fun to watch.

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