Monday, April 23, 2007

Hit me with your stick? Fine, I boot you from the Playoffs

Calgary Flames backup goaltender is probably crying in his beer at the first tee this morning as gets the ultimate revenge.

The Hockey Herold posted the video of backup Jamie McLennan swatting forward Johan Franzen repeatedly in Saturday nights game 5 matchup between the two teams. He also put up a nice summary of the NHL's response to the shenanigans.

I have placed the video below for your viewing pleasure.

Now why am I rehashing this issue?

Simple, forget the fines and the suspension, what hurts the most is that it was Franzen who scored the OT winner last night to send the Flames packing from the 2007 NHL Playoffs. Apparently the two handed slash to Franzen's midsection didn't faze him a bit.

Hey Jamie, doesn't it?

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hockey dude said...

Yeh, the ultimate payback to send the Flames packing. I'm sure it would have been nicer if McLennan was in net. It was a jackass move and I wonder if he was sent into net by his coach Playfair for just that reason. either way, they both paid for it monetarily and on the ice.