Friday, March 9, 2007

Without Kaberle on the PP, the Leafs suck

I watched the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators game last night with mixed feelings.

I expected, and even predicted, a Leaf's loss to the Sens. Without Tomas Kaberle the Leaf's do not have a puck moving defenceman to kickstart their offense. Even more disturbing is the fact that Kaberle is not only the Buds best offensive defenseman, he is also their best defensive defenseman. Without him the Leafs struggle on both the power play and the penalty kill.

Last night demonstrated that fact quite clearly. Ottawa scored 3 power play goals on 6 tries and also generated a short handed goal on 1 of 8 Leaf power play attempts. To top that off the Leafs couldn't manage much in the way of offense during their power play opportunities, let alone a goal.

If your fantasy hockey team has any Toronto Maple Leafs player on its roster I would suggest that you sit them until Kaberle returns to the lineup. Much of the Toronto offense is produced on the PP and without Kaberle this will be anemic at best.

That doesn't mean you need to drop Sundin or McCabe from your roster, just leave them on the bench for the next little while if you have better options.

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