Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hockey Goaltenders make good short stops - Video

Well, except for hitting and running the bases anyway.

Thanks to Dave Smith a dedicated reader of Eric McErlain's Offwing Opinion I just spit coffee all over my double LCD monitor and wireless keyboard setup.

Eric provides a link to perhaps the greatest hockey movie (or greatest short movie anyway) since Slapshot (ok, maybe Slapshot 2).

Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie is a short video about Clark (a Canadian Hockey Goalie strangely enough) who decides to give up hockey to take a shot at Major League Baseball... as a short stop. Watch the video here.

This video is well worth the couple of minutes it will take you to watch it. But be warned, go to the john just before watching it and DO NOT under any circumstances drink anything while watching.

My favorite moment from the video? When Clark jersey's his 3rd baseman for calling him a 'hoser'.

P.S. For Eric McErlain and other sports/hockey bloggers out there, I tried to link this directly to the post on OffWing Opinion but he seems to be having some issues with his site. In fact it freezes my browser every time I look at anything but the main page.

And Eric, thanks for the post, I spit my drink everywhere, almost pissed myself and had to get a new keyboard.


Anonymous said...

"My groin has never felt better!" Absolute gold. What a great little vid.

Anonymous said...

That was toooooooo funny!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my -- thanks for that -- I loved every minute! :)